PLEASE NOTE: Above is a playable demo of the game, which is only about 70% complete and is missing many features. It is there for any feedback from those who play it. 

MOST FEATURES ARE THERE, APART FROM THE MATCH ENGINE the moment, results are dictated by a combination of average quality of each squad and team the best teams will still most of the time at present. Almost everything else is there tho.


Game type: Turn-based football (soccer) strategy game with a retro theme.

A retro-themed soccer management sim in the unique world of the ‘Fenton Soccer League’. Each team, and every player, is uniquely created and has their own good and bad points. Some players are nice guys, some are not so nice. Some hate opposing teams and players. Some love kebabs.

Manage your team by getting to know how they feel, how they act, and how they play without seeing a single statistic. Be guided by your players, trainer, and fans, who all have their own unique ideas on how the game should be played and who you should choose in the first eleven!

The game is intended to be an ‘odyssey’ of sorts, with myriad situations and stories between each game that influence who you choose and which tactics that you adopt. In-week situations will consist of ‘mini-games’ that have not been seen in any soccer manager game before.

In typical football management games, ‘turns’ (game to game) are way too long, and mobile manager games are too short, so SBNSSM fits somewhere in the middle. 

StatusIn development
Release date 53 days ago
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSports, Simulation
Made withConstruct
TagsFootball, Management, mobile, Retro, Singleplayer, Soccer
Average sessionA few hours

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samuel how i can play the game extracting something ?

you can now play a more fully-featured version of the game in the window above.

How do you play the games? I'm on week 6 and no games have been played yet according to the fixtures tab. (The table tab is still grayed out to)

Sorry, this is only partly finished. I started to work on Hellstrom Racer instead.

Very good game, PLEASE keep updating this masterpiece! I'm addicted


Very good!


wow very cool!


few months away at least..i’m trying tho! :)



Hey, thanks for all the nice comments on our games, it's really appreciated. I like the idea of a football mgmt game like this.  As a fan in real life then I'm quite into the stats side of football, but don't find it interesting in a gaming sense, so this is something I could be in to.  Good luck with it!


Also, I don't have a lot of time to give away, but if you need any advice then all our games are made in Construct (been using it about 7 years), so if you have a question then fire it over on Twitter and I'll try and help (I might not be quick but I will get back to you!)

thanks so much!


I can't wait for the release!